Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Yet Another Award :)

We were nominated again for the STAHP Ur Too Sweet For Ur Own Good award again! Thank you to Maddie and Rylee!

1.Nominate someone who you believe is uber sweet,who is always leaving nice comments,or is just a great,kind blogger friend of yours.
2.Answer the questions the blogger who nominated you asked, and then come up with at least 5 new, original questions for your nominees to answer.
3.Be sure to leave a comment on the nominees blog,letting them know that they've been nominated. Leave a link to the post so you can easily find it.
4.You must nominate at least 10 people.Tagbacks are allowed,as is nominating people more than once.
5.Copy and paste the guidelines so everyone knows what on earth is going on!
6.And finally, have fun!!

Alrighty, now for Maddie's questions:
1.) Favorite ice cream flavor?
Ginny: Mint chocolate chip!!
June: Mint chocolate chip :)
2.) Celebrity crush?
Ginny: Oh, jeez, probably Liam Hemsworth :) Or a 1D boy :)
June: No one :P
3.) Which sock do you typically put on first, left or right?
Ginny: Well, Maddie, now I have to go put on some socks to find out!
June: Probably right.
4.) If you could swap places with anyone in the world for a day, who would you want to be?
Ginny: Pshhh, I dunno, my life is pretty good. I'll just stick where I am. :)
June: I dunno :)
5.) Who do you consider to be your best friend online?
Ginny: Well, you're all so amazing!! I don't think I could choose just one. Although, some of you are such sweeties that that makes it harder ;)
June: Everyone!! 
6.) Are these questions really lame?
Ginny: Nope! Not at all!
June: no :)
7.) Do you like waffles or pancakes better?
Ginny: Probably pancakes, but I don't LOVE either of them (I like them, but not love :))
8.) Summer or winter?
Ginny: Well, based on my rants about snow, you can probably all guess which I like better: Summer :)
June: Uhh, winter :)
9.) Favorite emoji?
Ginny: My phone doesn't really have emoji, so I'll go with the one my friend T and I made up: {8B X In case you couldn't tell it's a nerd :)
June: ;B 
10.) Best joke you know?
Ginny: I don't really tell jokes, so I don't know. Although, June has a few really funny ones. I think she may be too embarrassed to relay them over the internet though :)
June: Uhh, yeah, I'll go with what Ginny said :)

Now for Rylee's Questions:
1. If you could be one animal in the world, what would you turn into?(non-permanent)
June: Red Panda, Polar Bear, or a Duck
2. Have you ever eaten sushi?
Ginny: Eww, no!! I can't stand the thought of any kind of partially raw meat!!
June: Nope.
3. How often do you say the word "Like" unnecessarily?
Ginny: Probably more than I should. 
June: Way too much, but I'm trying to not say it as much :)
4. How often is your room ACTUALLY clean?
Ginny: Well, we share a room, and if I had my own room (which I will soon!), it would be pretty clean most of the time, but June and I get pretty disorganized when we have a room together. 
June: Ha. Haha. Never.
5. Anne of Green Gables or Guardians of the Galaxies?(Classic or Action?)
Ginny: Well, that for me is a loaded question. The book is amazing, but I've never seen the movie. So I guess I'll go with GOG...?
June: I haven't seen either, so neither.
6. How often do you drop your Phone or iPod?
Ginny: I am pretty protective of my newer phone, so basically never, but my old one I dropped at least twice daily on either the tile in the locker room or on the concrete while walking home from school. (It was a smartphone, so it should have shattered the screen, but it didn't)
June: I've only ever dropped my phone once, a couple days after I got it.
7. Snow or rain?
Ginny: Rain :)
June: Rain :)
8. Sour or sweet?
Ginny: Sweet :)
June: Sweet  :)
9. Do you prefer weather that is so hot you die, or weather that's so cold you freeze to death? (Pick your fate)
Ginny: Jeez Rylee, trying to kill us off ;) I would definitely go with weather that is so hot you die :)
June: Uhh neither, I don't want to die yet!

Thanks for the nomination girls!! We nominate the s ame people we nominated before, and with the same questions as before.

~<3Ginny~ and **June**
P.S. Guys, I'm working on my MJ post!!!! 


  1. Haha!I just though it was a funny random question(9)!xD

  2. I also nominated you for an award(the Blogger Recognition Award). Go to my blog(click my name) for details. It's the second post from the top. :)

  3. Awesome! I enjoyed reading your answers! :)


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