Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blossoms~A Photoshoot of Emily

Hi! It is Emily with a photoshoot straight from June's camera! June told me that she is impressed with the photos and she told me I was a great model! (Even though I wasn't trying to model for the camera, I was just trying to be me!) Anyway... June also has told me that she will post a review of my sister Mia soon too. Now I better shut my mouth because you might be getting anxious. (June also figured out how to rotate the photos)
Let's roll the photos!
Hello, it is June! I agreed to let Emily start the introduction to this post, but now I will take lead of the photoshoot!

 This one is probably my favorite of all the photos I took, I love the sun in the background.

 Probably one of my favorite places to take photos is by our shed/play house.
 Usually Emy's hair look like a light brown in dim light, but in the sun it is very easy to see her wonderful red hair.
 Not my favorite, but it will do...
 I think the shadows create a nice accent to the photo.

Not a very long photoshoot, but I think I am impressed with the results!!!!
Coming Soon:
New Signature for June
Chopped: A photostory

A Surprise For Julie

Told from Grace's point of view
 I walked in the front door, dragging my feet. Volleyball practice was particularly exhausting today.
 I walked in my room, and was greeted with the sight of Cecile sitting at her desk, hunched over a textbook.
 "Hello, Cece," I said cheerily as I untie my shoes. "What are you working on?"
 Cecile turned around and looked down at me. "Oh, hey, Grace. I'm working on geography." She made a face as she continued, "How was volleyball?"
 I set my shoes at the foot of the bed and replied, "It was fine. However, it was particularly tiring."
 Cecile grimaced and said, "Well, I guess you can relax for the rest of the night!"
 She closed her eyes and leaned back, allowing her arms to drape over the sides of her chair. "This geography class is going to be the death of me." 
I giggled, knowing exactly what she meant. 
 "Oh, by the way, Julie texted me earlier and told me that she won't be home in time to make dinner. She told me that she wanted you to make dinner."
 I closed my eyes and groaned. "She has done this to me the last three times that she was supposed to make dinner!"
 All of the sudden, I had an idea. "Cecile, if you need me, I'll be in the kitchen." 
 Cecile muttered a quiet "okay" before turning back to her reading.
 I got up and ran into the kitchen, absolutely tickled with my new idea.
 When I emerged into the kitchen, I saw Nicki and Marie playing cards. Marie was muttering something about Nicki cheating.
 Nicki scowled. "You know Marie, I can still hear you when you mutter! And by the way, I am not cheating. I have just been saving my eights, whereas you never do!!" Nicki placed down a five of clubs and smiled slyly at Marie.
 I stop and watch their game, chuckling silently to myself. "What are you guys playing?"
 Nicki looked up from her cards and said, "Crazy eights, and by the by, I am totally dominating!!" She returned her gaze to the final card in her hand, and watched Marie place her card.
 "HA!" Nicki cried, tossing her card onto the pile and raising her hands above her head triumphantly. "I WIN AGAIN!"
 I laugh lightly and say to Nicki, "Do you know when Julie will be home?"
 Nicki furrowed her brow and thought for a moment. "She told me after school that she would be home around five-thirty. But she said she may run a bit late."
 I smile looking at a clock on the wall. It was five forty five. She should be home any time. "Okay, I'm going to start getting ready to cook." I pulled out some pots and pans and started prepping for dinner.
 I heard a thump behind me, so I turned around. Felicity was standing in the archway leading to the kitchen, her hair appearing messy and matted. 
 "Grace," she said in a scratchy voice, evidence of her horrible case of the flu, "can I get some water?"
 I nodded and turned to fill a glass as she turned to wash her face at our small vanity.

 I tapped her shoulder and said, "Here's your water. Try to get some rest, okay?"
 Lissie nodded feebly, accepting the glass of water. She left the kitchen and thumped up the stairs.
 I went back to the counter to prep the ingredients for dinner, but soon heard the front door slam. 
 Thinking it was Julie, I emerged into the hallway, feeling excitement bubble up in me. 
 "Oh, hey, Grace. What's up?" I smiled, knowing that Julie can't be far behind her.
 I returned to the kitchen with Molly close on my heels. I replied, "I'm just getting dinner ready."
 Molly got a granola bar out of the cupboard and sat on the floor, grimacing all the while. "Wait, wasn't Julie supposed to make dinner tonight?"
 Nicki replied first, "Yeah, she was, wasn't she?"
 I turned to Nicki and said, "Oh, just wait until she gets home, I'll make her cook, don't you worry."
 At that moment, the front door slammed again, and Julie emerged into the kitchen, carrying her basketball equipment.
 "Julie!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands into the air.
 Julie's eyes widened and she bolted for mine and Cecile's room.
 "Oh, no you don't," I said. "You're going to cook whether you like it or not."
Julie rolled her eyes and said, "Okay fine, Grace. I'll cook."
We both walked to the counter and finished dinner, with Molly, Marie, and Nicki's laughter echoing throughout the kitchen.
So, I guess it wasn't really a "surprise," but I couldn't think of a better title. xD Oh and sorry for the horrid quality. It was rainy when I took these photos, so my room was dark. Flash=ick!

What'd you all think? Do you think we should write more stories like this?