Saturday, May 30, 2015

Beauty in Black~AGPS

It's been raining for basically all of the month of May, so I'm lucky I got these pictures of Grace. xD (Not Watermarked)

So, I took her braids out! Once I took them out, I kind of regretted it, but now I'm loving it. :D

So. I have decided to stick with the the blog. I'm not sure what June has decided, but I hope she will make a decision soon. *twiddles thumbs*

Are any of you doing anything fun during the summer? I know I'm going to a camp and on vacation later on. And reading. Lots of reading. :D Ooh, and anxiously waiting for test scores. 

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Can We Talk?

Do you ever get so overwhelmed in life that you want to scream? I guess that is a good way of explaining how June and I feel right now.

No, we're not leaving, but we do believe that it's time to take a break from blogging until at least the end of the school year.

We haven't had inspiration recently,  so it's been hard to post.

We just need some time to focus on maintaining our grades and on school in general.

I promise we're not leaving. If that ever happens, it won't be anytime soon.

We'll try to get our spark back before summer so that we can hopefully post a bit more.

Thanks for understanding ♥