Saturday, December 12, 2015


Let's just get to the point. I am done apologizing to you guys. I am done making excuses to why I am not posting. The cold, hard truth is: I'm lazy, school is piling homework on me, the only free time I have is on the weekends (even then I only have 2 hours). I am done feeling like every two or three months I have to come up with another lame apology. That is why I have decided to finally let go of the blogging, let go of the apologies, let go of the laziness. I am sick of feeling like I've let you down because I can't post. I am sick of feeling like my posts aren't good enough. This will be a HUGE weight off my shoulders and I don't want you guys to feel like it is your fault. Because it isn't, this is my decision. I'll never forget the fun I have had on this blog and I won't forget the memories either. I'll still play and dress my dolls, and I'll keep my posts up so you can look back on them and smile. You never know maybe one day I'll rise from the ashes and start my own blog. I have nothing else to say so I guess this is goodbye.....
Signing off for good.
Ariel Imani Kithens
Maria Lindsey Kithens
Emily Lauren Bennett
Kit Mildred Kittredge
Ruthie Ann Smithens
Isabelle Rylee Palmer
Mia Jane St. Clair
P.S. Ginny will remain on the blog, however, posts will come sporadically. So the blog is not disappearing completely, I'm just leaving for now.