Meet The Girls

Hey Guys, I'm Molly. My sisters usually call me Mol-Mol though. :D I'm the oldest of all the sisters around here, including my twin, Felicity. I'm the most relaxed of us all, and I love anything vintage! (Especially from the nineteen-forties.) I've also done tap-dancing since I was five, so dancing has become on of my passions. I try to set a good example for my younger sisters, but they're so crazy that sometimes it's tough! Thanks for reading our blog!

B-Day: September 1st 
Age: 16
Date Arrived at the May Residence: December 25, 2007
Nicknames: Mol-Mol
Favorite Color: Navy Blue
Favorite Book: The Book Thief, To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite Movie: To Kill a Mockingbird
Hobbies: Reading, tap dancing, volleyball
Personality: She is milder than some of the other girls, and gets along with her sisters very well. Since she is the oldest (technically), she tries to set a good example for her younger sisters. She is very level-headed and doesn't obsess over many things. She is tougher than she looks, and will defend all of her sisters no matter what.

'Sup everyone? My name is Felicity, but everyone calls me Lissie. I'm the second oldest, second only to my fraternal twin, Molly (she loves to hold that over my head). I'm a gymnast, so I suppose that I could be characterized as "disciplined," but those who know me closely know that I am a total extrovert. I love talking to people, and am driven to succeed. Anyone who hurts my sisters will have to answer to me. *inserts scowly face* *looks normal again* Have a great day! :D

B-Day: September 1st 
Age: 16
Date Arrived at the May Residence: June 21, 2009
Nicknames: Lissie
Favorite Color: Lavender
Favorite Book: The Fault in Our Stars (*cries eternally*)
Favorite Movie: It's a Wonderful Life (Yes, I know it's a Christmas movie, but it's very moving okay?????)
Hobbies: Gymnastics, reading, horseback riding
Personality: Felicity is very casual, adventurous, and brave. She is also very outgoing, and isn't afraid to speak what is on her mind. She has a great appreciation for fashion, but is not as focused on it as Nicki is. Lissie is also very thoughtful, and can also be very selfless. She, like Molly, is very tough, and defends her sisters.

Hello! My name is Cecile. I've been living in the May house for several years, and I have the basic idea of what goes on around here. My sisters usually come to me for two reasons: homework help and accompaniment. My sisters tell me that I am smart, but I know people who are much smarter than I am. Felicity yelled to tell me to tell you that I'm being overly humble. I also play the piano, and since so many of my sisters are into the arts, I usually get talked into accompanying them. I also speak fluent French, and love to have long conversations with Grace in French, which totally weirds the other girls out. See you around!

B-Day: October 1 
Age: 15
Date Arrived at May Residence: October 1, 2011
Nicknames: Cece
Favorite Colors: Teal and Burgundy/Red
Favorite book: Les Miserables
Favorite Movie: The Princess and the Frog
Hobbies: Reading, Sewing, Piano
Personality: Cece started out very shy, but soon began to become closer with her sisters and therefore has become much more open. She is kind, creative, and optimistic. She is also very intelligent, and usually is the go-to sister for homework help. She is usually seen wearing 1850's style clothing, but she also has a great appreciation for T-Shirts and jeans.

Hola compadres! Hehe, got you there; I don't actually speak Spanish. ;) I LOVE fashion. And shopping. And clothes. Oh, did I mention fashion? Despite my love of fashion, I guess you could characterize me as "tough" and "sporty." I run track-and-field for our school, which I find absolutely exhilarating. I also love taking photos with my blue DSLR. You can probably catch me taking pictures for Nicki's Nook every once and a while. Well, my sisters are pushing me to hurry up, so I will leave them to their blurbs!

B-Day: June 27 
Age: 15
Date Arrived at May Residence: June 27, 2014
Nicknames: None that I can think of
Favorite Colors: Turquoise and Orange
Favorite Book: The Hunger Games
Favorite Movie: Confessions of a Shopaholic 
Hobbies: Horseback riding, track and field, photography, playing with pets, reading, Fashion (yes, fashion is one of her hobbies, don't ask me why)
Personality: Nicki is generally pretty talkative, but especially when it comes to fashion and horses. She is very organized, is a good listener, and is very compassionate. She generally is a good sister to vent to, because she won't interrupt, and is always very understanding. Nicki is never one to complain, and always makes sure that other's needs are put before her own.

Hello, everyone. My name is Marie-Grace, but if you wish, you can call me Grace. I am the quietest of all of the girls, and I do not like to get in the way of others. I have a great love for singing, and absolutely adore singing along to Cecile's piano. She and I can talk in French for hours; I find it quite relaxing. I also love baking, and love being in the kitchen whenever I can. As long as the dogs aren't in there....Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading our various musings!

B-Day: September 23 
Age: 15
Date Arrived at May Residence: September 23, 2014
Nicknames: Gracie, Grace
Favorite Colors: Spring Green and Coral
Favorite Book: Little Women
Favorite Movie: I'm not really sure, I just watch whatever my sisters watch. 
Hobbies: Singing, reading, writing, baking
Personality: Grace is the quietest of all the girls, and usually keeps her opinion to herself. She is very sweet, and never wants to hurt the feelings of anyone.  She loves to help out, and like Nicki, is very compassionate. Grace is often seen cooking, and loves to see the joy on her sisters' faces when they eat her food.

YO! My name is Julie, as you may see above. I HATE anything girly. ANYTHING. ESPECIALLY DRESSES AND PINK. Okay fine. I guess I like One Direction, but they're boys, not girls, aren't they? Ahem. Anyway, I play basketball. I have ever since I was young and short. (Long story short, I woke up one night, and I had grown twelve inches. Boom. Like magic.) Anyway, I hope I haven't totally freaked you out, and I hope you enjoy our (very girly) blog!
B-Day: January 17
Age: 14
Date Arrived at May Residence: As a mini doll- December 25, 2010; December 25, 2014
Nicknames: Jules
Favorite Colors:Orange
Favorite Book: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Favorite Movie: Umm, does basketball on TV count?
Hobbies: Basketball
Personality: Julie is an extrovert and likes to be among other people. She is very full of attitude, and is a serious tomboy. She hates any sort of dress or any girly activity. However, when she wants to be, she can be extremely girly. (ahem, her obsession with One Direction)

Hiya! My name is Marie. Not to be confused with Marie-Grace. It's just Marie. I am the youngest of all of us girls in the May Residence, but it doesn't really bother me. They try to include me in everything. I LOVE playing softball, playing with dolls, and reading. They all make me very happy. :) Most of the older girls tell me that I'm feisty like Julie, but that doesn't really bother me either. After all, Julie's pretty awesome. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy reading our blog!

B-Day: December 23 
Age: 10
Date Arrived at May Residence: December 23, 2005
Nicknames: None that I can think of
Favorite Colors: Pale Pink and Pale Yellow
Favorite Book: Percy Jackson Books
Favorite Movie: The Avengers
Hobbies: Playing softball, reading, playing dolls
Personality: Marie is much louder than the other girls, and likes to tease and (sometimes) torment her sisters. However, when she wants to be, she is very sweet and understanding. (Think a mini version of Julie) She is the most imaginative of all of the girls, and likes to make up fantasies.

Hi! My name is Emily. I am from England and I have 6 awesome sisters!!! I also have a twin sister named Mia. I am the oldest of all my siblings too, but I definitely don't act the oldest. I play Legos... (oh why did I just spill my secretive secret! Bad Emily) Hope you didn't just read that. I am a tap dancer and I dance with my best friend and cousin Molly. I love to wear fancy dresses and drink all kinds of English tea. I also obsess over superheros like the Avengers and the Justice League!!!
Name: Emily Lauren Bennett
Birthday : November 25
Age: 13
Nickname: Emy
Hobbies: Playing Legos, reading.
Favorite Color: Magenta
Favorite Movie(s):  ALL Avengers movies, and Captain America movies.
Personality: I am very playful and I love to tease my sisters! I act very proper and mature most of the time. I am not very tough, but when I am provoked I do have a temper. I am not very creative, but I do have quite an imagination.


Hi, my name is Kit, no don't argue with me my name is Kit. I have no idea who Margaret is! I have a twin sister named Isabelle and I am about... three and a half minutes older than her. I guess you could say I have a part-time job, I work for the Newspaper company and my buddy Ruthie help me with the editing of my articles.
Name: Margaret Mildred Kittridge (For the last time my name is not Margaret!)
Birthday: June 13
Age: 12
Nickname: Kit
Hobbies: Writing is my LIFE!
Favorite Color: Light Green
Favorite Movie(s): Divergent
Personality: I am the total tomboy of the family, but that doesn't mean I am angry constantly (hehe like Julie) I am generally sweet and kind, but don't annoy me or I will pummel you! I hate the color pink and I am very stubborn at times when I don't get my way, but I am not a brat, my sisters can tell you that.

Hi, my name is Ruthie. I am originally from Chicago until I was adopted by this amazing family. I have an amazing friend and sister named Kit. In my free time I usually help Kit edit her stories, and I sometime even write a couple too. I love fairy tales and one day I hope to have my happily ever after too. I also like to act in plays (I was even Belle in Beauty and the Beast)
Name: Ruth Ann Smithins
Birthday: October 1
Age: 12
Nickname: Ruthie
Hobbies: Reading, acting, writing.
Favorite Color: Royal Purple
Favorite Movie(s): Beauty and the Beast and Tangled
Personality: My sisters say I am perfect, obviously I am not :) I rarely am angry, but at times I can be. Like Emily I love to wear dresses and June tells me I am very photogenic. Around strangers I am very quiet and shy, but around my family I am loud and energetic!

My name is Isabelle! I have a stubborn twin sister named Kit, but I know I am very blessed to have her as a twin sister. I love ballet, and I sometimes design my own clothes, but not very often ;) I don't over obsess about things (maybe ballet) and I wouldn't call myself a fangirl at all!
Name: Isabelle Rylee Palmer
Birthday: June 13
Age: 12
Nickname: Izzy
Hobbies: Dancing, sewing, and reading.
Favorite Color: Coral
Favorite Movie(s): Princess and the Frog and Inside Out.
Personality: I am very girly and my sisters always tease me about never having a crush. I sometimes am a bit drama to be honest. That isn't a bad thing is it? Anyway, I am also very caring and sweet. I am not shy around strangers (but I don't dance around them and shake their hands either!)  

Hi! I'm Mia. I recently was adopted by the Kithens family Christmas 2015. I am also from England and Emily is my twin sister. It has been alot to take on these past few months, but now I am completely used to it. I like to draw and sometimes work with Ruthie to illustrate her novels!
Name: Mia Jane St. Clair
Birthday: November 25
Age: 13
Nickname: Meesters :(
Hobbies: Drawing, soccer, and reading.
Favorite Color: Ocean Blue
Favorite Movie(s): Most Disney Movies
Personality: I am quiet almost all the time, I guess you could describe me a lot like Marie Grace. I am very sweet and kind. I will sacrifice everything to protect my family. I don't have a lot of friends, but I am still working on my social skills :)

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Maria, I am the youngest in my family and I have 6 awesome sister that love me to death. I love to write plays and I usually perform them. My very favorite play that I have written was a crazy rendition of the Nutcracker with Cecile, Felicity, Ruthie, Ariel, Kit, Emily, and me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name:Maria Lindsey Kithens
Birthday: December 23
Age: 9
Nickname: None :)
Hobbies: Writing plays, and playing with my dolls!
Favorite Color: Pale Pink
Favorite Movie(s): The 12 Dancing Princesses (Barbie)
Personality: Most of the time I am very silly and my sisters call me annoying, but everyone at times is annoying. (you should see Ariel she's worse than me!) I am also very loving and I am good at teasing Marie and my sisters!!!!!!!

Hi, my name is Ariel!! I was adopted into the Kithens family and I have 6 loving sisters (well technically 13 because I also have 7 mermaid sisters). A fun fact about me is that I am half mermaid. I love to swim and I have basically been doing it my whole life! I don't know what Disney is talking about, but I have never met or seen a prince Eric in my whole life. Have a nice day!
Name: Ariel Imani Kithens
Birthday: July 16
Age: 12
Nickname: None :)
Hobbies: SWIMMING!!!!!
Favorite Color: Aqua Blue
Favorite Movie(s): The Little Mermaid
Personality: I am always crazy and everyone calls me a lunatic, but I know they love me! I am kind and VERY silly. Like Maria I like to tease and sometimes I like to pretend I am a spy on a dangerous mission. 

Thanks for reading!!



  1. You two have a beautiful collection of dolls! I just discovered your blog, and I love it, by the way ;) ♥ I'm totally following!


  2. All the girls are beautiful! You two have such a diverse collection, which I love! :)

    -Cassie ^.^

    1. Thanks Cassie! You're so sweet :)
      ~<3Ginny~ and **June**

  3. I love your collection! Nice personalites too.
    - Zoë from

    1. Aww, thank you so much Zoe! We really appreciate it!
      **June** and ~<3Ginny~

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  5. Girls, you've got some cute dollies!! They have a serious case of beautifulness and cuteness XD
    ~Jana/ The Dolly District ;)

    1. Thank you so much Jana! Hahahah!! We'll tell them you said that. :)
      ~<3Ginny~ and **June**

  6. I love your diverse doll collection! My 4 dolls are like twins, 2 AGs and 2 non-AGs. See, Emma has brown hair and brown eyes, and Kimberli is basically Kit. then my 2 non-AG dolls look like Emma and Kimberli with bangs, longer and wavy hair, and their an inch shorter

  7. "But they're boys, not girls, aren't they?" I often have my own doubts too, Julie. ;)


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