Le Soir Noir

Season One, Part One~Premiere
The hospital door snapped closed behind me. I reached for my small, crimson bag hanging on the plain yellow hook.
It had been a long day at work; there were many injured people filtering in in a constant stream. I hurriedly turned around, wishing to get home as soon as possible so that I could remove my nurse's uniform. Just as I was about to hop off the porch, a strange sight stops me in my tracks. 
There was a girl, probably not more than seventeen years old, running along the edge of the small meadow. I watched her expertly choose where to put her feet as she ran. 
Out of curiosity, I watched her pick her way quickly along the retaining wall.

She leaped off of the wall, and sprinted toward me. However, it did not seem as if she was running to me.
She reached a large tree and to my horror, began to climb.

"Wait!!" I yelled. She continued climbing and I dropped my purse and began to run towards her.
She reached a small point where a large branch met the tree trunk, and I saw her starting to reach for a dangerously skinny branch. She grabbed the tree branch, and I started running towards her faster.

The branch snapped, and I saw her fall.
She hit the ground, and I heard a dull "thunk."
I finally reached the spot where she lay. I gently turned her over, and could feel her taking deep, heaving breaths. Relief flooded over me.
I helped her up and dragged her towards the hospital, with her still unconscious.

Season One, Part Two
From Corinne's Point of View:
 A small noise began to arouse me. I had been sleeping fitfully. I fully awoke, but did not open my eyes. Suddenly, the sound of a baby's scream pierced the air. Wait a minute, there aren't any babies at my house, I thought. (Sorry, I know that's not French, but that's how you write down a thought)
 My eyes snapped open, and a bright white light blinded me momentarily. Daylight.
 I sat up and began to observe my surroundings, feeling very alarmed.

 Wait a minute, that's not my vanity.
 I said out loud, "And what in the world, why is my dress- I was just-" I looked down and saw I was not wearing my dress.
 I picked the dress up, and examined it. There was a large rip, partially repaired at the cross section of the bodice and the skirt. I grunted. "Comment e'tait je fait?"
 The door in the corner of the room started to open. I threw the dress back on to the chair.
 "Bonne journee!" the woman said. "Ca va?"
 She shut the door as she entered the room.
 She then began to walk towards the bed. I shifted my body, positioning myself as far from this mysterious person as possible.
 "Uhhh...bonjour?" I replied. "What is this place?"
 "Oh, don't worry. You're safe in the hospital." She reached to touch my face. I backed away and looked at her. Her hair was a mess, and there were dark circles under her eyes as if she had lost much sleep.
 "Why do you keep trying to touch me, and who are you?" I ask, my voice quavering.
 "Oh, pardon moi. Je m'appelle Josette. Nurse Josette. I'm your nurse and I need to check your injuries."
 She walked over to the vanity and I inquired, "What injuries? And why am I in the hospital?" I thought, "I need to leave or she'll capture me!!"
 Josette poured some water from the pitcher into the basin.
 She then brought the basin over to the bed and set it down.
 She picked up a delicate towel and got it damp.
 I once again moved away from her.
 "Please, you have a fever, I need to try to cool you down."
 I reluctantly moved closer, and she dabbed my cheeks with the water.
 She then dabbed my forehead.
 She put the towel and the basin back, moved to the other side of the bed, and sat down. "What do you remember?"
 I sighed and collected my thoughts. "I remember running. And after that, it's a bit of a blur."
 Josette nodded and said, "After that, you fell out of a tree." She pulled something out of her pocket and dropped it on the bed.
 "This broke when you fell. I tried to paste it, but I believe it requires the attention of a jeweler." I slowly leaned over, picking up the barrette carefully. Tears flooded my eyes and I whispered, "Aurelie."
 "Are you tired?" Josette asked.
"Yes. I'm tired of nothing ever working out!!" I sobbed.
 I threw the barrette down on the ground.
 I turned over and let the tears flow.
 I could feel Josette's gaze. She was confused. I could sense that. She left, letting the door close softly.
 I sat up and looked at the door to make sure she was gone, the hot tears still running down my face.
 I then got up and grabbed my dress.
I walked to the door and left the room hoping never to return.
La Dictionaire Francais:
Comment e'tait je fait?: What was I doing?
Bonne journee! Ca va?: Good day! How are you?
Bonjour: Hello, or short for good day
Pardon moi: Pardon me or excuse me
Je m'appelle: Literally translated "the name of me", the same as "my name is"
Season One, Part Three
From Josette's POV
 I shut the door, the young woman's voice still ringing in my ears.
 I closed my eyes. I was overwhelmed by this strange girl, and by the fatigue from two sleepless nights.
 I walked away from the girl's room, heading toward the doors of the hospital, where the secretary, Bernadette, sat behind un pupitre petit.
 "Bonsoir, Bernadette."
 Bernadette was looking at a small book filled with patients names. She had just turned the page.
 Bernadette looked up, her spectacles slightly askew. "Uh, bonsoir Nurse Josette. Desole, je suis tres fatigue le soir." She blinked rapidly as if trying to wake herself up. "Comment etait le patiente? Et comment elle s'appelle?"
 I sighed. "Je ne sais pas. She didn't give me the chance to ask."
Bernadette took off her spectacles and closed her eyes.
 When she opened them again she said, "Why do our patients always have to be so difficult after a traumatic experience?" She looked at me and frowned.
 "Josette, est-ce que tu vas bien?" She must have seen my look of exhaustion.
She walked over to me and touched my arm lightly. "You should go rest."
I smiled half-heartedly, "Unfortunately, I can't. I have to continue to check on our mysterious patient."
Bernadette nodded, looking sympathetic.
 I walked away from her desk, heading towards the girl's room.
I opened the door carefully, hoping not to bother her.
However, when I opened the door, she was not there. The bed was empty, and her dress and shoes were also missing.
 I leaned against the wall, overwhelmed with the onslaught of things I knew I would now have to deal with. Why couldn't she just stay put?
La dictionaire Francais:
un pupitre petit~a small desk
Bonsoir~good evening
Desole, je suis tres fatigue le soir~Sorry, I am very tired tonight.
Comment etait le patiente? Et comment elle s'appelle?~ How was the patient? And what is her name?
Je ne sais pas~ I don't know
Est-ce que tu vas bien?~ Are you doing okay?
Season One, Part Four
From Corinne's POV
 I walk down the hallway quickly, hoping that no one was following me.
 I reach the corner, and turn right, seeing a doorway ahead.
 I peer in through the doorway and see a room. I scan the furniture and see that the room does contain a vanity.
 I look at the bunk bed on the side. For a moment, I am confused, for I thought this was a coat room. They must have run out of rooms for patients.
 I see a young girl, probably no more than eight years old, laying on the bottom bunk. Her chest rises and falls slowly, and she takes weak, wheezing breaths. "Je suis desole, jeune fille," I say. She reminds me of sweet little Aurelie.
 I step quietly into the room, hoping that she won't mind if I use her vanity.
 The vanity is identical to the one in my hospital room.
 I pick up the delicate pitcher, pouring some of the slightly cloudy water into the bowl.
 I wet the embroidered towel. and bring it to my face, dabbing away the excess dirt and powder that had been coating it.

 I pull the elastic out of my hair, tugging gently.
 My hair comes loose, and I look in the mirror, finding that my hair is very tangled.
 I brush it quickly, loosening the snarls and pulling the hair up.
 I quickly twist the hair up into a bun, and pin it in place.

 I step away from the vanity, still hoping that no one will catch me, when I hear a small whisper.
 "What are you doing in here? This is my roo-" The girl stops talking abruptly, beginning to snore just the tiniest bit.
 "Zut, that was too close," I whisper.
 I pull a cloak and white dress off the rack, and put the dress on.
 I don't bother to take off the thin slip, and I pick up the lush velvet cloak. I'm not really sure whose clothes these are, but they seem fairly nice. I make a silent oath to return them as soon as I can go home. Briefly, I wonder why I will need a cloak, but I'm in a hurry so I ignore that thought, slipping the cloak on and tying the ribbons.
I step out of the young girl's room, praying for her with every step, when I hear, "Stop right there."
~To be continued~
La Dictionaire de Francais:
Je suis desole, jeune fille: I am sorry, young girl.
Zut: The English equivalent of dang it
Season One, Episode Five
From Bernadette's POV
 "Stop right there," I say, seeing the auburn haired girl in the red cloak. I know that it must be our mysterious patient.
"Honey, you need to stay here. We're here to help, none of us will hurt you."
The girl stops and turns slightly, so that I can just see the corner of one emerald green eye.
"How do I know you won't hurt me? How can you prove it?"
 I think for a moment and say, "Well, we are all health professionals who are here to help you. We want nothing more than to assure that you are healthy before we can let you go. S'il vous plait, cherie, nous voulons aider vous!"
 "Je suis desole, but I can't trust anyone right now, I have to find her, or she's doomed."
 "Hun, we don't know who 'she' is. We need you to tell us, along with your own name."
 However, the girl darts around the corner, leaving me alone and feeling rather exasperated.
 "Please, don't run. We need to talk to you!"
I follow her around the corner.
 She opens the door and rushes out into the cool morning.
 I follow in close pursuit, barely catching the door as she attempts to slam it behind her.
 When she emerges from the hospital, she seems disoriented by either the landscape or the weather; I can't tell which.
 However, it doesn't stop her for long, she begins to sprint, cape billowing out behind her, away from the hospital.
 "Wait!! I'm not joking, we really can help you," I yell. "You just have to give us that opportunity."
 The girl hadn't made it far, but she still takes a few steps closer to me and says, "I'm tired of counting on other people. I've done it my entire life, and I can't do it anymore because they always let me down, no matter what. I am the only one who can save Aurelie. It's my fault she's gone, so I am the only one who can get her back."
 She turns and sprints away, not looking back once.
 I sigh and murmur to myself, "Maybe Josette can get through to her. I need to have her find her."
Shivering from the cold, I turn and walk straight into the hospital, immediately beginning to think about what to do next.
La Dictionaire Francais:
S'il vous plait, cherie, nous voulons aider vous:  Please, honey, we want to help you
Je suis desole: I'm sorry
Season One, Part 6
From Coralee's POV

 I sit reading my book quietly.
 I hear a young girl clear her throat, look up, and see my maid Marianne standing expectantly in front of me. 
"What is it Marianne? Don't you see I'm busy?" 
 "Yes, m'am, I do see that, but m'am, she's awake."
 I smile, stand up and set my book down on the chair. I say, "Good, it's about time."
 I turn around and find that Marianne is still looking at me, her hands clasped behind her back. I look her up and down, and see that her uniform is missing something. Her hair is also a mess, as if our guest had been giving her a hard time. "Marianne, I expect you to wear tights. You know that. If you aren't wearing some tomorrow, you may have to begin looking for a new place of employment."
She nods solemnly and turns on her heel.
 She leads me down the hall towards the girl's room.
 When we reach the room, Marianne moves off to the side, and I gaze at the girl in the bed.
 She is tied to the headboard, her wrists appearing chaffed and sore. Her clothing and face are filthy, and she looks at me with hatred through half closed eyes.
 I walk closer and rest my hand on the foot board. "Well, our little ray of sunshine has finally awoken," I sneer.
 The girl coughs weakly and says, "Don't you ever talk to me like that."
 "Well, that's quite a rude way to treat your caretaker."
The girl laughs harshly and says, "As if, you're a captor and a bully. This is the first time I've seen you in the months I've been here."
This time it's my turn to laugh. I chuckle lightly and say, "Well, you're quite a firecracker aren't you? The thing is Aurelie, you've been unconscious nearly the entire time you've been here. How am I supposed to talk to you then? Hmm?" She doesn't respond so I keep talking. "Anyway, you're good bait so did you really think I would let you go? No. Of course not. I need her here, and I know she would do anything for you. You're the perfect lure for her." I laugh, getting ready to leave her with Marianne again.
 "You should know you won't get away with this Coralee, because you won't, even if you believe you will."
"Bien, ma cherie, ce est là que vous avez tort." I allow a sinister grin to pass over my face. "I already have gotten away with it."
I turn on my heel, leaving the stubborn girl alone with Marianne, and hoping that my bait will work. 
La Dictionaire Francais:
Bien, ma cherie, ce est là que vous avez tort: Well, my dear, that's where you are wrong.


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