Friday, September 26, 2014

BeForever Minis

Hey guys!! So the post title may mislead you, but we did not buy any of the mini dolls. We were at Costco yesterday, and found a mini doll display-the Beforever dolls. So we perused over them, and didn't know what to think.
First, the mini dolls aren't as creepy as they look online. Kit, Caroline, and Julie are rather pretty. However, we found that Addy, Rebecca, Kaya, and Samantha had large foreheads and overall were kind of ugly. Their clothing looked pretty nice, and was the perfect scale.
Each box included the three Beforever books for each character, the mini doll and clothes, a doll stand with the character's name printed on the base, and a BEAUTIFUL bookmark. ( the bookmarks were our favorite part) At $39.99, we thought that these sets were a pretty good value. If you add up the doll plus the books, they'd be about forty dollars.
What do you guys think? ( Sorry about no pictures for Rebecca and Addy, we took the pics with our phones so they were all blurry)
We also found the pets, and the pics speak for themselves. Also, one more thing. On the Beforever display, there was an ad that stated that you can enter to win for a Samantha doll. We knew some of you (Dollympics ;)) wanted her, so we'll try to find more info on that soon.
Thanks guys!! The photos below are not watermarked, but you can repost them as long as you give us credit :) also, sorry that the pics are at the bottom; we're trying out a blogger app :)
~<3Ginny~ and **June**

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Opening Photoshoot

Hey gals, it's Ginny and June. We got our package yesterday, and we said we'd do an opening photo shoot. Well, the thing is that we kind of took pictures of opening it, but we ran into several problems:
1. Our brother was psyched about the package and kept playing in the packaging and therefore was in our photos.
2. Our mom was cooking, and therefore, she got in the photos too.
3. We took the pictures with my phone, which doesn't have the best quality photos. 
Soooooo....therefore, we just used the things we got in an outdoor photoshoot. So without further delay, I'll let June post her photos, and then I'll post mine.

 Hey guys! As you probably are able to see, I got Isabelle's Sparkle Dress!! The dress is made out of very good quality fabric, and there are REAL sequins on top. The tulle also has sequins sewn onto it, and the hairpiece is beautiful. It's made out of metal, NOT plastic!! The bracelet is cute and slips over the doll's hand easily. The shoes were a bit hard to get on (I had to get Ginny's help for this), but it makes sense because they're supposed to fit tightly. Overall, I give this outfit a 10 out of 10!!

 This is my favorite of the pictures. What do you guys think of Isabelle's Sparkle Dress?

Alrighty, now for my purchase. Your guesses were great, but only one of you hit the nail on the head.

If you are still reading this post, comment "J'ai lu" below. :)

 Loren wins!! Haha, just kidding. There wasn't a competition, but she was right, I got Marie-Grace. :) Her face is beautiful, her eyes stunning. Her hair is very very smooth and shiny. The dress feels very sturdy. Her undies were a little loose, I think I may have to just take them in a bit. Her socks are the same as Cece's, and her boots were shiny and overall adorable!! She's fabulous!
I'm so in love with her face and her eyes and her dress and her shoes and---okay, I just love her :)

 This pic displays the rule of thirds PERFECTLY and I love it!!

 This is my fav pic of the shoot :)
You have no idea how excited I was about this pic when I took it. (June can prove my excitement because she was there) This is the first one of all of my pics that has some hint of bokeh. I LOVE IT!!!!!!
I give her a 10 out of 10 of course ;) Anyway, thanks for viewing our post!! I do have a question for you guys to answer before we go though. I was wondering if you guys would enjoy a sewing series called "Stitch-It Saturday." I would show you how to sew random doll things-anywhere from quilts to clothing to other things you all suggest. What do you think? Please comment your opinions below! 

Which was your favorite pic?

~<3Ginny~ and **June**
P.S. One more thing, thanks for 21 followers and nearly 3000 pageviews! You guys are amazing!

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Sunshine Award

Hey guys, today we got nominated for the Sunshine Award by Emily from American Girl Dolls and Me. Thanks Emily!! *Update: We also got nominated by Cassie from Call me Crazey and Maddie from Dolls On My Mind. Thank you guys!! We'll put their questions down below and just keep the same five facts. :)*
Here are the rules:
1. State five facts about yourself.
2. Answer the five questions.
3. Create five more questions and nominate more bloggers.
First, here are five facts about me, Ginny.
-I speak French.
-I have played the violin for five years.
-I'm a very dedicated student.
-I love writing, and am beginning a novel I hope to publish one day.
-I'm kind of a History nerd. I love history.
Now for June:
- I love to draw, and hope to be part of Disney Animation Studio.
- I am taking Spanish
- My favorite books are Divergent Trilogy, The Books of beginning, The Books of Bayern, and The Land of Stories.
- I LOVE Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream
- I love animals, and I hope to save many endangered species in the future.
Now for the questions from Emily:
1. What's the difference between pink and fuschia?
Ginny: Fuschia is a different shade of pink. They're the same hue.
June: Fuschia is more purple and pink is
2. What is your favorite little kid show?
Ginny: Hmm...depends on the era of shows. Rugrats if an older show, or Sesame Street which applies to either I guess.
June: Sesame Street. I love watching it with our little bro.
3.Who would be your dream guest at a birthday party?
Ginny: Hmmm...Katniss if fictional, but I'm not sure who is invite who's real....maybe 1D? I dunno.
June: Real, Walt Disney. And Fictional....Tris Prior.
4. Do you take a language? If so, which? If not, which would you like to take?
Ginny: I take French :)
June: I take Spanish.
5. If you got any American Girl Doll, which one would you want?
Ginny: Marie Grace, Julie, Caroline, or MAG #55.
June: Addy or Mia.
Thanks again Emily!!!! 
Now for Maddie's Questions:
1. AG Freckles or custom DIY freckles?
Ginny: Probably AG freckles because I'm too paranoid to make my own. I'm afraid I may ruin the doll's face XD
June: AG freckles. I don't want to use watercolors on the faces of the dolls. So in other words, ditto to what Ginny said.
2. Favorite doll hair color?
Ginny: I don't know that I really have a preference, but I guess Red, or Brown maybe...?
June: Either red or blonde.
3. How long have you been blogging?
Ginny and June: 2 months and 12 days.
4. Tees or hoodies?
Ginny: Hmm...tough one. Probably tees because I like warm weather better than cold weather. Although, during the winter, nothing beats a nice, warm hoodie. :)
June: Probably tees.
5. Favorite doll AG has ever made?
Ginny: You're making me choose? Hmm, the list is long, Molly, Felicity, Cecile, Nicki, Marie-Grace, Julie, and Caroline. Kanani and Lanie too.
June: Umm...all of them!! Excluding McKenna though.
Thanks Maddie!!
And last but not least, Cassie's questions:
1. Why did the chicken cross the road?
Ginny: become roadkill...? Idk ;)
June: To get to the chicken on the other side.
2. What do you call a male ladybug?
Ginny: A man...y...bug I guess?
June: Get ready for a Bug's Life reference: Francis.
3. Do you like mornings or evenings better?
Ginny: Evenings, I would rather pull an all-nighter than wake up early. 
June: Probably evenings.
4. What's your favorite book/book series?
Ginny: Oh but there are so many, I can't pick just one!! Let's see here: The Hunger Games Trilogy, the Gone Series, The Ashes Trilogy, Princess Academy (I know, it sounds like it's aimed towards five-year-olds, but it's a fascinating book), To Kill A Mockingbird, and.......The Fault in Our Stars. Oh and Divergent. 
June: Divergent trilogy all the way!!
5. What's your favorite band?
Ginny: Cassie, I know you don't like them, and don't hate me for this, One Direction.
June: Not applicable to me because I don't really focus on that stuff.
Thanks so much Cassie!!
Here are our questions:
1. What's your favorite sport?
2. Do you play an instrument?
3. If you were to go back in time, what time would you go to?
4. What's your favorite candy?
5. What's your favorite book?
Yay!! We nominate:
Megan and Maddie
Mint of the Abbott Doll Family
AG for Everyone
Fun with AG Fan
American Girl Northwest
Oh by the way, our AG package should be here tomorrow, but we probably won't be able to post an opening photoshoot until later in the week, but hey, you never know it may be soon :) TTYL!
~<3Ginny~ and **June**

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Le Soir Noir Season 1 Episode 2

I know it has been several weeks since I posted the premiere of Le Soir Noir, and so today is the day where I post episode two! I would like to warn you in advance: I will use French sayings/words in the episodes to come. I can imagine your reactions now, "Oh my gosh, but how will I understand it???" Well, I will post a "dictionary" of sorts at the end of every episode. The French words will be in Italics, so it will be easy to tell them apart from the other words. I thought adding French words into the story would:
#1: Make the story more interesting
#2: Help those of you who are taking French and myself with learning French and practicing it
Without further ado, here goes!

From Corinne's Point of View:
 A small noise began to arouse me. I had been sleeping fitfully. I fully awoke, but did not open my eyes. Suddenly, the sound of a baby's scream pierced the air. Wait a minute, there aren't any babies at my house, I thought. (Sorry, I know that's not French, but that's how you write down a thought)
 My eyes snapped open, and a bright white light blinded me momentarily. Daylight.
 I sat up and began to observe my surroundings, feeling very alarmed.

 Wait a minute, that's not my vanity.
 I said out loud, "And what in the world, why is my dress- I was just-" I looked down and saw I was not wearing my dress.
 I picked the dress up, and examined it. There was a large rip, partially repaired at the cross section of the bodice and the skirt. I grunted. "Comment e'tait je fait?"
 The door in the corner of the room started to open. I threw the dress back on to the chair. 
 "Bonne journee!" the woman said. "Ca va?"
 She shut the door as she entered the room.
 She then began to walk towards the bed. I shifted my body, positioning myself as far from this mysterious person as possible. 
 "Uhhh...bonjour?" I replied. "What is this place?"
 "Oh, don't worry. You're safe in the hospital." She reached to touch my face. I backed away and looked at her. Her hair was a mess, and there were dark circles under her eyes as if she had lost much sleep. 
 "Why do you keep trying to touch me, and who are you?" I ask, my voice quavering.
 "Oh, pardon moi. Je m'appelle Josette. Nurse Josette. I'm your nurse and I need to check your injuries."
 She walked over to the vanity and I inquired, "What injuries? And why am I in the hospital?" I thought, "I need to leave or she'll capture me!!"
 Josette poured some water from the pitcher into the basin.
 She then brought the basin over to the bed and set it down.
 She picked up a delicate towel and got it damp. 
 I once again moved away from her.
 "Please, you have a fever, I need to try to cool you down."
 I reluctantly moved closer, and she dabbed my cheeks with the water. 
 She then dabbed my forehead.
 She put the towel and the basin back, moved to the other side of the bed, and sat down. "What do you remember?"
 I sighed and collected my thoughts. "I remember running. And after that, it's a bit of a blur."
 Josette nodded and said, "After that, you fell out of a tree." She pulled something out of her pocket and dropped it on the bed. 
 "This broke when you fell. I tried to paste it, but I believe it requires the attention of a jeweler." I slowly leaned over, picking up the barrette carefully. Tears flooded my eyes and I whispered, "Aurelie." 
 "Are you tired?" Josette asked. 
"Yes. I'm tired of nothing ever working out!!" I sobbed.
 I threw the barrette down on the ground. 
 I turned over and let the tears flow. 
 I could feel Josette's gaze. She was confused. I could sense that. She left, letting the door close softly. 
 I sat up and looked at the door to make sure she was gone, the hot tears still running down my face. 
 I then got up and grabbed my dress.
I walked to the door and left the room hoping never to return.
Word dictionary:
Comment e'tait je fait?: What was I doing?
Bonne journee! Ca va?: Good day! How are you?
Bonjour: Hello, or short for good day
Pardon moi: Pardon me or excuse me
Je m'appelle: Literally translated "the name of me", the same as "my name is"

So I know there are several unanswered questions, but they will be answered in later episodes. Predictions? Also what do you guys think so far?