Monday, July 14, 2014

You Are NEVER Too Old for Dolls

Hello, fellow American Girl lovers!! It's Ginny. I was looking at a blog (California Harmony Dolls) (because that's just what I do other than photography, reading, writing, and of course anything American Girl), and I found a post that I am sure that many of you have read (if not I'm going to post the link). It's about not being afraid to show who you really are. And yes, this does apply to American Girl. Liberty from California Harmony Dolls shared this post. She got it from Juliet at Chestnut Street Dolls. Here is the link: Here is the link to the link on Liberty's blog:

I just wanted to say that like Juliet, none of my friends know about mine and June's blog (which makes sense because it's brand new, but they still will probably never know). However, I still am not afraid to express my love of AG (which is exactly why we created this blog). And all of you, as our wonderful readers, are the perfect people for us to be able to share how we feel with other people. (That sentence made about zero sense, but hopefully you know what I mean) I feel very strongly about this subject because I KNOW that you are never too old for dolls. And if you are too embarrassed to talk about your love of AG outside of the blogging world, then we totally understand. But that still doesn't mean it's dumb to love AG. If you love something, then don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise. Anyway, that was my inspirational speech for the day, however, you should really read the entire thing at Juliet's blog here. 

Also, I am going to post Juliet's "Never Grow Up" picture on the sidebar so you guys can click on it and share it to your heart's content. Also, (I promise this post will end eventually) please share Juliet's post on your blogs, too. 
Anyway, this post is finally over, so please read Juliet's post, share it and feel confident about who you are!!!! :)
Thank you for enduring my post ( I know it was probably very painful)

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