Monday, July 14, 2014

The Runaway Princesses Season 1, Episode 1

The Runaway Princesses, Season 1, Episode 1

Hello it is June, here it is the first episode of The Runaway Princesses. I told you it would be today, I am so excited for you read this post so here it goes.

"It is all my fault the evil queen is coming to capture my sister and I why did I tell her we were princesses" Elsa Thought to herself.
"Ahh, I can't take this any longer I absolutely hate being the queen, all this job ever is, is work and do this, do that, keep an eye on your kingdom!", Elsa exclaimed "It is so annoying!, Right after she got her anger out everyone who was in the room looked at her with with a scowl, except Anna.
   "Well now I just made a scene", Elsa whispered to her self so no one could hear, "I don't care. All I ever wanted to do since I became queen was leave and no one lets me do it", She exhaled a long, deep breath.
 "Elsa calm down, you have to keep yourself under control, or you'll go crazy and shoot your ice powers everywhere. You have to make the best out of being the queen too, maybe the best part of being queen is getting your dessert made for you or maybe-"
"Nothing about being the ruler of this land is good so leave me alone!" Elsa ran to her room to cry.

(Sorry I didn't think about taking a picture of Elsa crying)
 It was night and Anna was asleep, she had a strange dream about someone chasing her, but Anna couldn't figure out who it was.

 The unidentifiable person knew Anna's name and was saying "Anna, come with me, we have to go, come on get up!" She didn't realize it, but Elsa was actually trying to wake her up. 
  "Anna listen. She is in town, we have to get up now or she'll capture us and we will never see Arendelle again!" Anna only heard "we have to get up", so she asked "Why?", "Just come on", Elsa answered, before Anna could argue, Elsa took her her hand and they started running out the palace.   
~To Be Continued~
So what do you think so far?


  1. Cool photo story! I nominated you for an award on my blog!

  2. Thank you so much Loren!
    P.S. I LOVE your blog so much.

  3. Interesting, can't wait for part 2!

    1. Thanks! We're going to try to post it today.

  4. I love it so far!
    I just found your blog and saw part three so I had to go back through your old posts to find this one. I can't wait to read the second part (which will be in a few minutes :) )

    -Cassie ^.^

    1. Thank you that means a lot to me! Great, I will try to post the 4th part soon!


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