Sunday, July 13, 2014

Camp Doll Diaries

Hey everyone! Ginny here. So June and I started Camp Doll Diaries very very very late this year. We literally started Wednesday. (Week 6 Day 3, I believe) Anyway, June and I did a photoshoot for when the girls got there, but the pictures turned out absolutely horrific. So....instead, I'm just going to post shots from a photoshoot we call "Fruit Picking Day." (This is our first year of blogging and CDD so please bear with our cluelessness) Anyway, these are the photos I took for our little Camp activity. Enjoy!!

I love this pic of Lissie. 

I zoomed in on her face in this one. I still love it! ;)

I really like the way the light illuminates the leaves on the tree. 

Looking off into the distance...

We found a butterfly sitting on the fence while we were out. June managed to get a picture of Rebecca with it. 

Caroline with the Honeysuckle. 

I don't love this pic. It turned out kind of strange...

However, I really like this one of Molly. 

So pretty...

Doll's feet are so much fun to photograph. :)

I really like this one of Nicki. 

I love this dress on Cecile.

Bea is their Counselor. I've had her for quite a while and don't photograph her enough, so I thought she would be perfect. 
Well, that's all for today. Which pic was your favorite? 


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