Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cecile's Photo Shoot

Hey guys! It's Cecile. This is my first time posting on my mom's blog. Which brings me to why I'm posting this in the first place. Mom insisted that I go out in the yard so that she could take some photos of me so I went. Some of these pics are SOOC (or straight out of camera other than the watermark) and some we edited just a little, so enjoy!

All of this photography was very exhausting. 

I really like this one. 

I had to over-crop this one :(

This one is unedited like I promised! 
For some reason, I really like the way the shadows and the light frame her face in this photo and the next one. 

This is probably my favorite of all of the pics. 
This was also unedited!
Thanks for reading my first post!! Which of these photos did you like the most?
It's Ginny now. (I was the one posting in light green, Cece was in the teal) We added an "About Us" page so that you could learn more about each of us. Our look-a-like dolls are even on there :)

and ~<3Ginny~

P.S. I finally found an idea for a photo-series. Felicity is going to tell you about it tomorrow!! We'll leave you in suspense, but you can guess what it is about if you wish. :D See y'all later! (Nicki thinks it's awesome that I said y'all XD)


  1. I love Cecile! I have Marie Grace

    1. I love Marie-Grace! It's too bad that they are being retired. Cecile wanted Marie-Grace to join us, but oh well. :) Your Marie-Grace is really pretty!


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