Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kit and Ruthie's Photoshoot

Hey, everyone it is Kit, and Ruthie. Mom thought it would be cool if Ruthie and I did an outdoor photoshoot because were BFF'S and sisters. Hope you guys like this post because we worked really hard on it! So here goes!

When mom showed me this one, I absolutely loved and I told her we had to keep it!

I love this one because I get the comfy spot, but Ruthie was mad at me because I wouldn't get up ;). Get up Kit!

This one I was posing for, so I look really beautiful!

 I think this one is cute because were sitting on the stairs together and the light is really good.

Kit wait up! It is kind of hard to keep up when you have two teenie arms and legs!

Hello, there! I see you!

To me this is big, to you it is small. Eiffel Tower!

Shh! I'm trying to scare Ruthie don't make any sudden sounds!

Thanks for reading!
Kit, Ruthie and **June**                     


  1. Aww cute photo shoot! I love the photo of Kit in the tree!

    ~ Mint

    1. Thank you that means a lot to me! The picture with Kit in the tree was my favorite too.


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