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Le Soir Noir Season 1 Episode 2

I know it has been several weeks since I posted the premiere of Le Soir Noir, and so today is the day where I post episode two! I would like to warn you in advance: I will use French sayings/words in the episodes to come. I can imagine your reactions now, "Oh my gosh, but how will I understand it???" Well, I will post a "dictionary" of sorts at the end of every episode. The French words will be in Italics, so it will be easy to tell them apart from the other words. I thought adding French words into the story would:
#1: Make the story more interesting
#2: Help those of you who are taking French and myself with learning French and practicing it
Without further ado, here goes!

From Corinne's Point of View:
 A small noise began to arouse me. I had been sleeping fitfully. I fully awoke, but did not open my eyes. Suddenly, the sound of a baby's scream pierced the air. Wait a minute, there aren't any babies at my house, I thought. (Sorry, I know that's not French, but that's how you write down a thought)
 My eyes snapped open, and a bright white light blinded me momentarily. Daylight.
 I sat up and began to observe my surroundings, feeling very alarmed.

 Wait a minute, that's not my vanity.
 I said out loud, "And what in the world, why is my dress- I was just-" I looked down and saw I was not wearing my dress.
 I picked the dress up, and examined it. There was a large rip, partially repaired at the cross section of the bodice and the skirt. I grunted. "Comment e'tait je fait?"
 The door in the corner of the room started to open. I threw the dress back on to the chair. 
 "Bonne journee!" the woman said. "Ca va?"
 She shut the door as she entered the room.
 She then began to walk towards the bed. I shifted my body, positioning myself as far from this mysterious person as possible. 
 "Uhhh...bonjour?" I replied. "What is this place?"
 "Oh, don't worry. You're safe in the hospital." She reached to touch my face. I backed away and looked at her. Her hair was a mess, and there were dark circles under her eyes as if she had lost much sleep. 
 "Why do you keep trying to touch me, and who are you?" I ask, my voice quavering.
 "Oh, pardon moi. Je m'appelle Josette. Nurse Josette. I'm your nurse and I need to check your injuries."
 She walked over to the vanity and I inquired, "What injuries? And why am I in the hospital?" I thought, "I need to leave or she'll capture me!!"
 Josette poured some water from the pitcher into the basin.
 She then brought the basin over to the bed and set it down.
 She picked up a delicate towel and got it damp. 
 I once again moved away from her.
 "Please, you have a fever, I need to try to cool you down."
 I reluctantly moved closer, and she dabbed my cheeks with the water. 
 She then dabbed my forehead.
 She put the towel and the basin back, moved to the other side of the bed, and sat down. "What do you remember?"
 I sighed and collected my thoughts. "I remember running. And after that, it's a bit of a blur."
 Josette nodded and said, "After that, you fell out of a tree." She pulled something out of her pocket and dropped it on the bed. 
 "This broke when you fell. I tried to paste it, but I believe it requires the attention of a jeweler." I slowly leaned over, picking up the barrette carefully. Tears flooded my eyes and I whispered, "Aurelie." 
 "Are you tired?" Josette asked. 
"Yes. I'm tired of nothing ever working out!!" I sobbed.
 I threw the barrette down on the ground. 
 I turned over and let the tears flow. 
 I could feel Josette's gaze. She was confused. I could sense that. She left, letting the door close softly. 
 I sat up and looked at the door to make sure she was gone, the hot tears still running down my face. 
 I then got up and grabbed my dress.
I walked to the door and left the room hoping never to return.
Word dictionary:
Comment e'tait je fait?: What was I doing?
Bonne journee! Ca va?: Good day! How are you?
Bonjour: Hello, or short for good day
Pardon moi: Pardon me or excuse me
Je m'appelle: Literally translated "the name of me", the same as "my name is"

So I know there are several unanswered questions, but they will be answered in later episodes. Predictions? Also what do you guys think so far?


  1. The French is so cool! Great touch. This story is turning out so nice so far! What does the barrette mean to Felicity?
    - Zoë

    1. Thanks!!! The barrette connects Corinne (Lissie) to her sis (sentimentally; the barrette doesn't have magical properties) :)

  2. I can't wait for the Episode 3.

  3. This is very interesting. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  4. I'm really enjoying this! I speak a little french, so it was fun to try and decipher everything :D

    1. I'm glad :) yeah its kind of fun to try to decipher it. My French teacher speaks only French during class, so I'm always struggling to understand :)

  5. Loooooooooove itttttttt! Especially the French thrown in! ;D


  6. I really enjoy reading this series! You are a great writer and adding in the French was an awesome idea! :)

  7. So cute! Oh! I nominate you guys!


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