Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Birthday!!

Hello everyone! Long time no photo-story...I guess...? I dunno. Ignore my weirdness I guess. Anyway, today is special because it is Labor Day!! Yay!! Although, to me it has another meaning, too. Today is Molly and Felicity's Birthday!!! So, therefore, I made a photo story about their b-day. (I got my inspiration from Mint's Birthday photo story. You can see it here.) Before I begin, I would like to let you know that most of these pics are pretty blurry. I don't know why, but my camera decided that today was not the day for indoor photography.

"Molly. Molly, MOLLY!! Wake up!!" I heard Felicity yelling my name, but didn't understand why she wanted me to wake up in my own dream. 
"Molly, I really need you to get up. It's almost 11:00." Felicity gently nudged me. 
"Here. Put this on." Felicity dumped a pile of clothes onto my body.
"Fine. I'm awake." I opened my eyes just a crack and saw her still standing over me. She nodded and moved out of the way so I could get out of bed. "Why do you want me to wake up?" 

"Well, mostly because you've been sleeping forever, but also because I'm bored."
I slipped past Lissie, and walked to our new vanity in the bathroom. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and brushed my hair. I thought about taking a shower, but I figured that would make Lissie even more impatient. 
I could hear Felicity making the bed in our room. 
I walked out, feeling refreshed. "Alright, I'm ready."
I began to walk out of the room, and Felicity followed me. We could hear whispers from the kitchen. We entered the dining room.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" our sisters screamed. Felicity and I jumped back in surprise, making us all laugh. We sat down at the table, adjacent to Nicki.
"Alrighty, we all put our money together and bought you each a gift," Nicki said, gesturing to the large box in front of her. Marie said, "Open it already!!!"
We both opened the box and saw that the contents were wrapped in paper. (Sorry about the Christmas paper, we're out of plain paper XD)

Lissie unwrapped the contents, and handed me a pair of lime green pajamas. "Aww, thank you guys! I love them, I've been needing some new P.J.'s!"

Felicity's gift was laying in her lap. She gently lifted up the royal blue dress and sighed. "Oh, my goodness, it's beautiful! How did you guys get this??" 
Julie said, "It was VERY hard to get it, but we did."
Lissie replied, "Oh, thank you!!"
"We didn't know what else to get you, so we are going to give you some spending money, too." Cecile handed us each a $50 bill. 
Felicity and I stood up, and our sisters came over. "YES!! I love group hugs," Marie said as she ran over.
(Sorry that Marie, Caroline, and Julie aren't in the photo. I couldn't get them to stand up straight.)
"Okay, now that you opened your gifts, we have to sing to you!" Cecile said. Felicity and I sat down while Nicki, Cecile, Caroline, Julie, and Marie stood to sing.
 "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Molly and Lissie, happy birthday to you!!!" they chorused. 

Cake was served, and we all sat down, laughing and having a good time.

Happy Birthday to the twins!! 

I want to tell you guys about something new that June and I are going to be starting. Most of you have probably seen June's Divergent "Faction before Blood" poster. Well, she and I are going to start creating posters where our dolls are supposed to represent different book and movie characters. (i.e. Hunger games, Divergent, The Gone series) Are you guys excited for this new addition to our blog? Also, if any of you have ideas for posters, please comment below! (Please be aware that we can only make SOME posters. Some of your suggestions may be things we can't recreate, or we don't have time to recreate because of a lack of knowledge about that subject. This doesn't mean you can't suggest several things. You would probably be surprised how many books both of us have read. We can't wait to see your suggestions!)

I have three last updates and then I will be done posting for the day. I have all of the photos taken for my Summer-y photo shoot, but none of the photos have a watermark, so that needs to be done. I will try to post it within the next week, but school activities and homework may prevent that. 

Second update: I took some photos of our "Doll Wall" (Our Doll Wall is basically our dollhouse on the floor or a doll room, but it is just a wall) and I hope to post that soon, but once again, depending on activities this week, I'm not sure when it will be posted. :)

Final update: We were going to do a BeForever "thoughts" post, and we still plan to do that, but yet again, it depends on what the week ahead will be like. 

That's it for today! Have a fabulous week!!

P.S. Did you notice our new photo at the top? Do you like it? Also, here are some photos of Lissie in her new dress: (I would have taken some of Molly in her P.J's, but they're not finished. X)) (These aren't watermarked)

Isn't it beautiful? And it's used!! I have always loved this outfit, and wasn't able to get it before it retired, but now I have it!! :)


  1. Happy birthday, Molly and Lissie! I'm super excited for the posters, the PS, and the Doll Wall photos! =D


    1. I'm so glad! They both say thank you :)

  2. I love the Birthday party it is so cute.

  3. Adorable photo story! I love the new photo collage at the top! :) Also, Lissie looks amazing in her new dress!

    ~ Mint

  4. Yesterday was my dad's birthday too! Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks Dollympics!! That's funny :)
      ~Lissie;) and {Molly}

  5. I love the photostory! Your dolls outfits are soooo cute! :)

  6. Love the photo story! Happy belated birthday to Felicity and Molly!

    -Cassie ^.^

    1. Thanks!!! Molly and Felicity say thank you too :)


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