Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The L.G. Award

We got an award!! Meghan from Girly Doll Type nominated us!! We give her full credit. ;) Guinea Pig Lover from Lord's Girls created the award!! Thank you so much Meghan!!
Here are the rules for this award (we got this straight from Meghan's blog):
  • No tag backs
  • You must give credit to the person who nominated you :)
  • Answer the 8 question given to you by the person who nominated you and then give 8 more questions to your nominees
  • Nominate 8 people and let them know that they were nominated (make sure you link your blog URL)
  • Put the award on your sidebar or a special page you have for awards!

Here are our answers:

1. Frozen or Tangled?
Ginny: Tangled. All the way. I like Frozen, but I guess I got tired of hearing about it...?
June: Both, but with a preference for Frozen. 
2. How many AG dolls do you have?
Ginny: I have four American Girl Dolls: Molly, Felicity, Cecile, and Nicki. I also have one Bitty Baby named Marie, and three mini dolls: Julie, Caroline, and Felicity. 
June: I also have four AG dolls: Emily, Kit, Ruthie, Isabelle. I also have a Bitty Baby named Maria, three mini dolls: Rebecca, Kirsten, and Samantha. I also have an Ariel doll, who is not a legit AG doll, but we treat her as if she is. 
3. When did you start an American Girl blog?
Ginny and June: July 11, 2014
4. What camera do you use to take photos?
Ginny: I use a Nikon Coolpix S4300, but occasionally use my phone camera when I don't have my real camera. 
June: I use a Nikon Coolpix S3500. Sometimes, I use a 3DS camera, but not as often. 
5. What are all the names of your dolls?
Ginny: Molly, Felicity, Cecile, Nicki, Julie, Caroline, Marie.
June: Emily, Kit, Ruthie, Isabelle, Kirsten, Rebecca, Samantha, Ariel, Maria.
6. Country girl or city girl?
Ginny: I like the country. If you're asking us where we live though, we can't tell you. 
June: I prefer the city, like a suburban area.
7. Home-schooled or go to school?
Ginny and June: We both go to school.
8. Do you have any pets, if so, what are there names?
Ginny and June: We have two cats, Penelope and Cooper.
9. What AG doll would you want to buy next?
Ginny: Marie-Grace, Julie, Caroline, or MAG 55.
June: Samantha, Rebecca, or Mia. 

There are our answers!!
Now, we are going to ask some questions and nominate some blogs!

1. What Historical Character do you look like the most?
2. Handmade clothes (for dolls) or store bought clothes?
3. What role do you play when playing with dolls? (i.e. Mom, Sister, Owner, Friend)
4. Nikon cameras, Canon cameras, or other (please specify)?
5. Do you play with your dolls, or do you just display/photograph them, or both?
6. How many blogs do you follow?
7. Is your blog newer, or older?
8. Do you believe that Samantha's new collection should have less pink in it? (Like Ginny) (Also, if you have not seen the new BeForever video, you can see it on Living a Doll's Life here. We give Rhonda full credit.)

So, now that you have questions to answer, here's who we nominate.

AG For Everyone
AGD Time
Dolls On My Mind
Call Me Crazey
American Girls and Books
Happy House of AG
Live Laugh Dolls
American Girl Northwest

Thanks for reading!!
~<3Ginny~ and **June**
P.S. I am almost ready to post my Summer Photo shoot, so I'll probably do it over the weekend. I haven't really had time to post it, so I'll really try to get it up soon. 


  1. Congrats!!! And thank you for the nomination! I will try to have a post about it up after school today =) by the way, how were your first days? =)


    1. Thank you! And you're welcome, we can't wait to see your answers :) we both had pretty good first days, what about you?

    2. That's great to hear! Mine was pretty good as well =)


  2. Thank you so much for nominating ne! I can't wait to answer your questions!

    -Cassie ^.^

    1. You're welcome! We can't wait to see your answers!! :)

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me :) I'll do the questions at the end of my next post.


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