Monday, August 11, 2014

The Beginning of Forever

Hey everyone! It's Ginny and June! We both took the BeForever quiz on AG's website, and we wanted to share our results. 

And Mine:

Also, this morning on Living A Doll's Life, I found pics of  Samantha and Kit in their BeForever outfits:
Is it just me, or do Kit's eyes look like they are a darker blue? It's probably just the photo. Ginny and I also think that Kit's dress looks more like a modern dress than an outfit from the 1930's.

Samantha also seems to have a different face mold. Our mom thinks she looks like she has a Bitty Baby face mold. (We all doubt that she does, but it kind of looks like it.) I don't really think her dress looks like a meet dress, and it looks like her old party dress.
We're both excited about BeForever even though we are feeling a little skeptical about their clothing choices. 
You can see Rhonda's post here.

Thanks for reading!
~<3Ginny~ and **June**


  1. Even though your blog is like a few months newer than mine it is soooo much better. Be free to visit my badly done blog

  2. I'm sorry i misspelled my blot URL it is . Anyway my blog is a mess. Your blog however is Awesome! I really like it.

  3. Kit's outfit. I like kid's currant outfit better, Even though I don't have a Kit doll, Kit is my favorite. I also think Samantha's currant outfit the one she had before she retired is more classy than the newer one. How about you? Hopefully they won't replace Samantha, Kit, and the rest of the historical dolls' books.

    1. I agree that their original outfits were better too. They are retiring all of their books! It's so sad :( Oh thanks!!


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