Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween~A Photoshoot

Bonne journee everyone! In case you were curious, that means good morning or good day :D Anyway, hello. I know I told you June and I would post this together, but she decided she wanted to do her first Snazzy Sunday with a Halloween theme. Sooooo....I couldn't wait all the way until Sunday (note: this post was started on Friday, I'm not that impatient ;)), so I decided I would post it today!! I will post about the girls' costumes, but I have a feeling they will want to add in sub-comments. =D Ooh, one more thing. Today in one of my classes dealing with photography, we went to this fabulous website that taught all about shutter speed and exposure. So, here is the link-------> :D. Please look at it!!

 Molly is Miss Victory!
 She's wearing her shoes from her Meet Outfit.
Molly: I wanted to wear my tap shoes, but noooooo mom said, you have to keep those looking nice. Anyway it doesn't really matter now.

She's also wearing the socks from her meet outfit, and the leotard and skirt from her tap dancing set. Her hair is in a simple bun.
 To be totally and completely honest, I'm not really sure who Lissie is...
Lissie: Ugh, I've told you this a thousand times, I am an Agent of Shield/CSI agent.

Well, okay then.
 Her shoes are from the Brocade Holiday Dress from AG.
 Her coat is a raincoat from AG, and I have no idea where the skirt and shirt are from.
 Her sunglasses are from and OG accessory set (one of the retro ones), and her hair is in a somewhat messy high pony-tail.
 Cecile is Clara from the Nutcracker!!
Cecile: Yes, our idea was kind of from the Isabelle movie. :) And let me just say, I am super psyched to be able to wear pajamas all day on Halloween! :D
 Her ballet shoes are from a local quilt shop. (Not handmade though)
 Her dress and robe are her PJ's from AG. Her long underwear underneath is from her Meet Outfit. Her hair is in her Meet Style.
 Caroline is the Nutcracker. Cecile will carry her around on Halloween. Her shoes and stockings are from her mini Meet Outfit, the skirt and shirt are Barbie clothes. Her hair is in a messy bun.
Caroline: I can't believe I have to be carried around by my older sister. After all, I'm nearly thirteen!!
 Nicki is Sarah Crewe from A Little Princess.

 Her whole outfit is Rebecca's Lace Dress from AG.
Nicki: Unlike my sisters, I have no complaints!!
 Marie-Grace is a professional chef!
 Her shoes are from OG, her pants are from ???, and her Chef's outfit is also from OG.
 Her hairstyle is ind of hard to see, but it is her Meet Style with a bun.
Grace: I agree with Nicki; I have no complaints!
 Marie is going as Dorothy Gale.
 I made her shoes from duct tape using *this* tutorial.
 Her dress was given to me many years ago; I have no idea where it's from.
 Her hair bow is from OG. 
Marie: Mooommmmm, I think I need to take Posie (the girls' dog) with me!! She could be Toto! *dog whimpering*
Julie is a Malibu Chick, or somethin like that :) She is wearing her Mini Meet Outfit Shoes, and a dress I made. Her hairstyle is her Meet Style.

What do you guys think? They aren't the most creative costumes ever, but hey; I had a lack of resources :)

I better go before Marie tortures the dog some more, and before Julie goes berzerk on her sisters (and maybe me since I made her wear the dress). 
P.S. 40 posts, over 4400 views, and 28 followers?????? You guys are fabulously, amazingly spectacular!!


  1. I love Felicity's costume okay. That is so how I would do Halloween if I was dressing up this year. xD
    Instead I'm slapping a headband with cat ears on my head because I'm that kind of kid who prefers handing out candy than collecting it.
    Congrats on the posts, views, and followers! You guys are just amazing! =D

    1. Haha!! Lissie says thanks. Yeah, that's probably what I would do if I was dressing up too, but I'm not so whatevs :) Thank you so much Adi!! That means a lot!!

  2. I love your doll's their sooo cute!


  3. Those are all soooo cute! I LOVE Lissie's! Super adorable! Congrats on getting all those followers and views! You guys totally deserve it! :)

    1. Thank you! Lissie is flattered :D Thanks again!

  4. other than the fact i am pretty sure Clara was not black since Russian people are mainly white. : ) my sister is from Russia. I love Russian History. : )
    Taskocky's The Nutcracker was originally done in Moscow as entertainment for the poor if i remember correctly. Anyway Cecil's hair is perfect for her outfit. : )
    I like Molly's outfit best : )

    1. :) That's cool! It is perfect, that's why she wanted to be Clara so much :) Molly says thanks!


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