Saturday, January 16, 2016

We are all Peculiars~AGPS

HIYA. I'm back. :) 
I hope you all had a wonderfully splendid holiday season. :)

This photoshoot was inspired by a book I've been reading.
It's called Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.
Oh my goodness, it is so good.  One of the main character's names is Emma, and she is described as a teenage girl with curly blonde hair. She always wears a white dress. When I saw this dress in the girls' clothing I knew I had to do this photoshoot. The book is a combination of photos and writing, so I thought some of the photos from my film camera that didn't turn out so well would be perfect to use. The book is not a picture book though; it's like the pictures are tied into the writing. The characters are constantly referring to photos that were taken. 
The weird thing is that all of the photos taken are really strange. And they were all photos that the author actually found. Real photos. 

Anyway, just an interesting bit of info. I totally recommend reading it. Plus, I've heard there is going to be a Tim Burton film based on it. So think Nightmare Before Christmas Style. :D

Before I sign off, I have a quick question for you all. Now that June has left, I'm not so sure how much I want to continue with this blog. I do not want to give up blogging about American Girl quite yet, so I want to ask your opinion.
Should I transfer it to Writings and have it be a blog that covers it all? Or should I make a completely new one based on AG? I am indecisive, so I thought I would ask you all what you thought. 
Have a great rest of your weekend!
P.S. I forgot to tell you, but I bought my mom's D40 from her! She wanted to get a new camera, so she agreed to sell the Nikon to me. We got the dirt off of the mirrors FINALLY. I am so in love with it!

Doll: Nicki GOTY 2007
Camera: Nikon D40, Manual Mode
Clothing: Rebecca's Lace Dress AG
Tights from Rebecca's School Outfit AG
Printed Photos: Pentax K1000
Book: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


  1. I think you should make a new AG blog! :)

  2. These pictures are so cool! I love the last two!:) Hm, I think maybe making a whole separate blog for AG would be better!:)

  3. I LOVE this shoot! Her hair is so perfect like how. Oh, I've always wanted to read that book - my TBR pile is so huge I never get to anything, though xD
    Hmm - maybe try it on Writings first, and if you don't like that make a new blog?

    - Ellie

    1. Aww, thanks! I have no idea how her hair stays like that. -__-
      SAME. My bookshelf is filled to the brim with books that need to be read. xD
      That is kind of what I was thinking, too. We'll see I guess. :)

  4. Cute photos i will toally read that book!❤❤please check out my blog at

    -mia ps love every entire square inch of ur blog!

  5. I got to read that book this spring. It is really good and I am looking forward to reading more about the adventure. Book 2 is out now. Love how you were able to incorporate a character photo shoot. Very nice.

    1. It is a wonderful book isn't it? I read the second one, and I got about two-thirds of the way through the third. The third is not as interesting, but I'm not completely sure why. Anyway, thank you Melody. :)

    2. Interesting. Our friend, Lady Grey said she enjoyed all three. But we know not everyone likes the sames things the same way. We'll definitely have to find the next two and soon.

    3. Huh. That is interesting. I think part of the problem was that I was trying to read the book when I had entirely too much on my mind during the school year. I'm sure if I tried to read it again, I would finish it without a problem. :)


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