Thursday, November 5, 2015

This Post Needs a Name :( (To be determined.....)

Well............... I am not sure how to start this post (or what to name it). Anyway, long time no see. Right? Not as long as some of my breaks...... right? Well, it is nice to be back once again. You may have read the title (but if you haven't take a glance up at the top and you'll understand) I don't know what to name this post. Not my most impressive photoshoots either but I think it will do. I took the pictures about 1 month ago? No. The grass is green and the leaves are as well. So, more like the middle of September. Today the FANTASTIC Kit Kitteridge will be modeling and narrating this post for you, so sit back, relax, and enjoy cutie pants speak. 
P.S. I once again couldn't figure out how to rotate the photos. TeeHee. And I didn't feel like watermarking the photos. So please be considerate, don't steal my photos. Thanks!

Kit: Hey, again readers!!!!!!! I am excited to show you the FANTASTIC Kit. I was thinking about saying,"but before we do I have a big announcement," but I don't. Triste :( Translation: sad in Spanish. I guess I should be quiet. Don't you want to hear more about me? No. You probably don't. Okay. TAKE 2 ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you everybody. See ya. ;)



  1. I'm so happy to have another awesome post from you :)

  2. Have an EXTREMELY AWESOME AND AMAZING Thanksgiving !


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