Saturday, February 21, 2015

Long Time No See+New Personality+A Few Photos

Hey guys, it's Ginny. First, it's been a long time since we've posted, and we know that. I'm not a huge fan of "Sorry" posts, so I'll keep it short. We've had tons of schoolwork, and have just not had time to read blogs or blog ourselves. So, in short, sorry for the absence, but we're back!

Second, I've been neglecting Caroline a lot. I know she's just a mini doll, but she is a fundamental part of our doll family. I feel bad for not doing anything with her, so for a while, I tossed around the idea of just removing her from the family completely and making her a doll for the girls. However, I feel like she is too important, and she fits in well with the family. So, for that reason, I have decided to completely revise her personality. She will remain the same age, and retain the same name, but I'm going to change her hobbies and personality because I feel that she has almost become pessimistic, which was never my intention for her personality. I know you all don't know much about Caroline, but I've done my best to explain her. It's hard without having her post though, so I may have her start a series or something so she's more included. This is her current personality:

B-Day: December 25 (Age 13)
Nicknames: None I can think of
Hobbies: Reading and dancing
Personality: Caroline began very shy, and has remained that way just less so. She is a good listener and likes to help out her sisters when they are having a rough time. She is generous, but can also be somewhat feisty (apparently Julie has rubbed off on her!)

I need your ideas I suppose for her personality. I can't really think of anything I want to add, so if you have suggestions, I would greatly appreciate hearing them!! I am also going to add a bit to each of the other girls' profiles so that you can learn more about them, because I know you don't know much about any of the girls.

Third, I know this post is probably rather dull, so I thought I would include a few photos that I took in Arizona a few weeks ago. I've never actually been to Arizona, and neither has June, (we've driven through there, but that's a bit different) so it was really fun to be able to see so many new things. (Mainly the plants such as the cacti; I was really excited to see a saguaro cactus for the first time.) 

 These pineapple palms really intrigued me, so I took lots of photos of them. :) There were four of them in our grandparents' yard, so I was able to get plenty of photos. 
 YES!!! I MANAGED TO CAPTURE MORE BOKEH!! By the way Mint, thank you for the tips on taking photos with bokeh; it really helped me here. :D

 I took Caroline with me, so I took a few photos of her as well. 

 Flamingos are my all time favorite animal, and I haven't seen one in several years, so it was really cool to be able to see them again at the Phoenix Zoo. 

We went to this really neat place called Fountain Hills. There they have a fountain that shoots up 300 feet in the air every hour on the hour. I didn't get a picture of the fountain unfortunately, but I was able to get a couple pictures of the statues there. They had about five statues of the presidents, and I liked Abraham Lincoln's the best. 

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!! 


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~Ginny, June, and all the Girls